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Diana’s Baths

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Diana’s Baths

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Cascading waterfalls surrounded by thick woodlands, Diana’s Bath in North Conway, New Hampshire is one phenomenal location. The 2.1km trail leading to the falls is a fairly easy and pleasant one, shaded by tall trees on either side of the wide gravel path. The sound of water gushing, the rustling of leaves and birds chirping has a calming effect making the experience even more memorable

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The scenic trail moves along Lucy Brook, a river fed by Attitash Mountain. After crossing a wooden bridge, an opening in the forest leads to the spectacular Diana’s Bath. Waterfalls cascading over large rocks and boulders, slippery sloped walls serving as excellent water slides, and natural swimming holes, make it an attractive location for a cool dip. While the water flow is highly seasonal and dependent on rainfall, Diana’s Bath is remarkable at any given season. However its important to remember that entering the Bath should be done with caution as the area can be dangerous due to slippery rocks and high water pressure.

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In 1860s the Lucy family bought the area covering 5 acres of land and erected a water wheel powered sawmill. This was later updated to a concrete dam with a water operated turbine, the remains of which are still visible on site. This location has always attracted attention, with Native American tribes referring to it as Water Fairies Spring. It was only in 1960s that the area received its official current name – inspired by Diana, the Roman goddess of wilderness and hunt. The area is now owned by the US National Forest System.

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At only $5, the parking lot, a half a mile walk away from Diana’s Bath, is very convenient. However at peak times finding parking can be a challenge and requires waiting for a good couple of minutes until another car moves out.

With a total height of 75 feet, the waterfalls at Diana’s Baths and the forest trail leading up to them are simply magnificent, making a long exposure shot of the falls a must for any photographic enthusiast! It is no wonder that this location has been attracting visitors for thousands of years.

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Diana’s Baths Address & Directions

Diana's Baths, 3725 West Side Rd, Bartlett, NH 03812, United States

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