• Echo Lake State Park

    North Conway, New Hampshire

Echo Lake State Park

Be it swimming, hiking, rowing, climbing or picnicking, Echo Lake State park in North Conway New Hampshire offers an all rounded experience. A short scenic trail surrounded by nature and tall trees leads you to an opening boasting impressive scenery of the gorgeous lake with White Horse Ledge as its backdrop.

The park offers multiple trekking alternatives, with the 1.3km Echo Lake trail being the easiest. The more challenging trails lead to or loop around the ledges near by– Cathedral Ledge and White Horse Ledge. With massive granite surfaces both areas are highly sought after by climbers both novice and experienced. Looking up from Echo Lake Sate Park, you can spot climbers clinging to the steep ledges or sitting at the very peak. However for non-climbers a moderate up-hill hike also leads to spectacular viewpoints from above. It is interesting to note, that while both Ledges were purchased in 1899 and 1900 by local residents and visitors, Echo Lake Park was only purchased 43 years later to prevent it from developing commercially.

Visitors at the park can freshen up with a swim or kayak their way around the lake while observing nature at its finest. Bathroom and picnicking facilities are available close to the lake, making it an ideal spot for a family get together. As parents can relax in the shaded picnic area while still keeping an eye on the activity at the lake.

At $4 per adult and $2 per child, the entrance fee is very reasonable, opening hours are generally between 9am and 6pm and discounts are offered to North Hampshire elderly, veterans and disabled individuals. The only downfall is that camping at the park is not possible, so you will need to drive to one of the campsites close by for the night. While the park is closed to pets, both neighboring areas – Cathedral ledge and White Horse ledge are happy to welcome your furry friends.

If you’re looking for a park which offers more than plants and trees, a trip to Echo Lake State Park is an excellent solution. Apart from adding to the beauty of the park, the central lake offers swimming and rowing opportunities, while for the ones not afraid of heights a trail to Cathedral or White Horse Ledge allows you to practice your climbing skills.

Shots from Echo Lake State Park

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Where Is It?

Coming from Highway 50, take a turn onto Johnson Pass Road, stay left until you reach the car park on the lower side of Echo Lake

Echo Lake State Park
68 Echo Lake Rd, North Conway, NH 03860, United States
(Plus Code: 3R3V+45 North Conway, Conway, NH, United States)

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