Our mission

creating reliable and affordable websites for small businesses & entrepreneurs

Web design – as you’ll learn when working with us – is just a small fraction of what goes into creating a website. We’re experts in design, development, project planning & management, content creation, coding, and more – skills we’ve developed over decades that we use on each and every one of our projects to help it succeed.

Our name – Carefree Creative – was methodically chosen because that’s how we are as people, and how we want your experience with us to be – simple, straightforward, & carefree. We’d love the opportunity to collaborate and develop something truly unique that will be a worthwhile investment for your business.

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The Founders

Eliza Trauger

Creative Director

A multidisciplinary designer with equally strong creative and technical skills, I have an eye for user experience and pixel perfection. I’ve work closely with clients over the years to build, strengthen, and develop their brand. My non-traditional background helps bring fresh ideas to a monotonous industry, and my work ethic brings those ideas to fruition. As someone who is fascinated by how people interact with the world, web design and accessibility fits perfectly with my ever-expanding skill set. I enjoy making things that are useful and user friendly.

Jordan Herrick

Operations Director

When I was around 9, I remember attempting to read CSS for Dummies – never mind that I barely knew what HTML was; I was determined to understand how to make websites. That dream and determination never died and I’ve spent nearly every day since studying computer science & website development. I’ve worked as a developer on hundreds of websites ranging from your local ‘mom and pop’ small business to complex social media websites, blogs, wikis, and forums. Some people choose web development as a profession, I chose it because I have always been – and continue to be – fascinated by the possibilities and complexities of website development.