• Acadia National Park

    Maine, United States

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park - Sand Beach Fall

Acadia National Park is an impressive location offering scenic views of nature, the coast and surrounding islands. Covering over 49,000 acres, the park is divided into three areas – Mount Desert Island (the largest island in Maine),  Schoodic Peninsula, and the Isle Au Haut (accessible by boat only). The park is most renowned for the touristic seaside area Bar Harbor, but it offers plenty of other locations worth visiting.

Jordan Pond

Acadia National Park - Jordans Pond

Formed in a valley by a glacier, this pond has clear and calm waters is 150 feet deep. It’s an idyllic location, with outstanding views of the round peaked North and South Bubble Mountains. Parking for the pond is available at the busy north parking lot, close to the only restaurant in the area. Jordan Pond House is an attraction in itself, especially for an afternoon tea with breathtaking nature views.

Acadia National Park - The Bubbles

The 3.5mile looped path around the pond is an easy trail. Characterized by large boulders, the western side offers panoramic views of the pond and mountains, taking you over a wooden boardwalk. This is an attractive location for many landscape photographers – especially at sunset. The eastern side offers a pleasant walk on a paved path by the north side of the pond – there is also an alternate challenging route that leads to the peak of the Southern Bubble. The views at Jordan Pond are even more striking in fall as the colorful leaves are perfectly reflected in the waters. Swimming in the pond is prohibited as it provides the water supply for Seal Harbor. However, enjoying its views is possible by kayak or by motorboat with less than 10HP.

Cadillac Mountain

Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor and Islands

Standing tall at 1530 feet, Cadillac Mountain is the tallest in the Mount Desert Island region. Covered by pine trees, the mountain is mostly made of pink granite. While the summit is accessible by car, the road has steep cliff drops and is quite busy in summer so drivers must be very cautious – a small car park is also available at the summit. Here, visitors can enjoy 360 views of Eagle Lake, Cranberry Island, Bar Harbor, Porcupine Islands, and Bar islands.

Acadia National Park - Coming Down Cadillac

Walking to the summit is also possible through the Cadillac South Ridge – a 3.5 Mile up hill trail starting near Blackwoods Campground. The first part of the trail goes through a forest offering a gradual incline leading to Eagle’s Crag, a mini peak offering a preview of what to expect at the top. A small descend leads to Featherbed – a small secluded pond. The trail is upwards from here, with views of the granite ridge-line all the way to the summit. For early riser, Cadillac Mountain is a great sunrise location – especially as it’s first place to see the sun in the United States between October and March.

Schoodic Peninsula

Acadia National Park - Schoodic Point

Offering wonderful views and a calmer and more secluded break from the busier Bar Harbor, Schoodic Peninsula is the only part of the Acadia National Park found on the mainland. Close to Winter Harbor, a gravel road leads from the well equipped Frazier Point picnic area to the summit. Schoodic Point offers views of amazing rock formation and granite headlands, including views of Cadillac Mountain and secluded rocky inlets that are popular among surfers.

Acadia National Park - Running Along Sand Beach

Schoodic Head can be reached by car, or through the Schoodic Head Trail which offers multiple forestall dirt roads all leading to the peak. Take the moderate Anvil Loop Trail passing by an anvil shaped rock – or the much steeper East Trail directly to the top. From Blueberry Hill parking lot, a moderately challenging hike leads to Schoodic Head offering beautiful views of the coast, Frenchman Bay, and Little Moose Island (a perfect spot for birdwatching). For overnight stays, Schoodic Woods offers more than 100 camping sites. Acadia National Park requires a pass – 7 day passes are available at just $30, which is a fair price to pay for such a well kept park.

When in Maine, a drive to the Acadia National Park is definitely recommended, regardless of being quite a busy park. It offers a calming experience surrounded by nature. Whether it’s just a short stop at the picturesque Jordan Pond, a hike up Cadillac Mountain, or a more secluded retreat at Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park is definitely a must visit.

Shots from Acadia National Park

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Where Is It?

Spread out around Mount Desert Island and the mainland surrounding area, Acadia National Park is easy to navigate to. Seeing some of the top attractions is best done through the 27 mile Park Loop Road, winding through forest and meadows leading to the main attractions at the park. An entrance fee must be paid to use the road which is mainly looped one way. From Park Loop Road, a two way loop leads to Jordan Pond, while a narrow side road leads to the Cadillac Mountain Summit.

Since the Schoodic Peninsula is on the mainland, it can be reached be driving on Route 186 in Winter Harbor where you will find the park entrance and Frazer Point leading to Schoodic Loop Road heading towards Schoodic Point.

Acadia National Park
Maine, United States
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