• Grand Teton National Park

    Wyoming, USA

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park is a natural treasure in Wyoming covering close to 310,000 acres of mountains, meadows, valleys, and alpine lakes all with views of the outstanding Teton Range peaks. The park offers endless outdoor activity possibilities ranging from rafting on the Snake River, to Horse-riding, fishing, boat rides, and breathtaking trails along the most scenic of routes.

Jenny Lake

At the bottom of Cascade Canyon lies Jenny Lake with its clear waters covering two square miles, encompassed by nature and mountain scenery. Getting its name from the wife of the Native American who named Leigh lake, Jenny Lake has two zones. The north side, being the quieter area is equipped with a boat launch, picnic area and is home to the trail-head. The southern side is much busier with the Visitor Center, the Ranger Station, campground, and docks. Open between 8am and 7pm, and closing 2 hours earlier in winter, the Jenny Lake Visitor Center offers interesting information about the lakes history and geology. Jenny Lake enables visitors to explore the lake via kayak or small motorboats. Alternatively, it is possible to take a ferry around the lake or one of the shuttles crossing to Cascade Canyon trailhead.

Hiking the glacially-carved Jenny Lake offers views of the Tetons without the strenuous climbing. A paved path from the parking area leads to Jenny Lake trailhead. Starting on the eastern side of the looped trail, the terrain is relatively flat and forested, apart from the odd hill. 2.6 miles in, visitors will reach a footbridge connecting String Lake to Jenny Lake. Past the bridge, the trail proceeds to the western shore, passing through open terrain as a result of a fire. Further inwards, side trails lead to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, but these are not for the faint hearted. A footbridge crosses over Cascade Canyon creek, passing by an overlook over Moose Ponds, the Valley Trail Junction, and the boat launch area, returning to the car park.

The lake also offers wildlife watching opportunities, with animals like deer, moose, fox, and black bears often spotted in the area. It is also possible to explore the area by bike and a scenic drive leads to the Cascade Canyon Overlook. For anyone loving the outdoors Jenny Lake campground is available at $30 per night, and entrance to Grand Teton National park is $35 dollars for a 7 day pass.

Teton Park Road

Teton Park Road is one of the most thrilling roads stretching over 20 miles between Moose and Jackson Lake Junction. Taking anywhere between 30-60 minutes, the road moves along incredible forested vistas, and deep canyons immersed in nature with constant views of the towering Grand Teton range. The road can sometimes lead to wild life encounters with elk, mule, deer, moose, and bison as they migrate through the area, so especially at night drivers must be cautious. Pull offs along the route allow for photographic moments of nature and wild life. The road is seasonally closed with driving on Teton Park Road being dangerous in winter, due to the ice and snow covering the roads worsening driving conditions. For visitors who would like to explore this road on foot or by bike, April would be the perfect month as the road would still be closed to motorized traffic.

Death Canyon

The name of this gorgeous canyon is often misleading, as wild flowers, flora and wild animals, thrive in this landscape. At least this misnomer keeps heavy crowds away in contrast to other popular attractions at this National Park. The first part of the trail is possibly the most challenging, but once that is concurred the trail is mostly on flat scenic terrain. You can choose how long and where they would like to trek based on their fitness level. Phelps Lake Overlook can be reached one mile into the trail, as it overlooks the pristine Phelps Lake. If you’re are up for a challenge can make way to Death-Canyon through a series of switchbacks, but the views of the river and waterfalls make it all worthwhile. The trail ends at Fox Creek Pass, however – for the brave, alternate trails can be followed to the magnificent Teton Crest Trail or Death-Canyon Shelf (definitely not for beginners).

While Grand Teton National Park is often mostly renowned for the picture perfect Mormon Row, the superimposing Grand Teton Mountains, and the park’s rich wildlife, it has so much more to offer. With endless hiking, biking, horse-riding, rafting, motor-boating, and driving possibilities, the park is guaranteed to impress any visitor.

Shots from Grand Teton National Park

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Where Is It?

When Reaching Grand Teton National Park, Highway 191 plays a very important role as it moves along Snake River, and passes through Moran Junction and Jackson. Moving to the east, it also heads past the Togwotee mountain range leading to Jenny Lake. Similarly heading from Jackson, highway 191 leads to Teton Park Road, passing close to Craig Thomas Visitor Center, a left turn leads to Moose-Wilson Road, where signs lead to the Death Canyon trail head.

Grand Teton National Park
Wyoming, United States
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