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York Harbor Cliff Walk

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York Harbor Cliff Walk

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Built as a way for all of the town to enjoy the beautiful coastline of Maine, the York Cliff Walk with stately mansions dotting down the length of the coastline path.

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Open sunrise to sunset all year long, the Cliff Walk is the perfect coffee stroll for any time of day. Entry is free, but parking is a little harder to come by. Not being a resident, I drove around until I found a spot on York Street (where there’s free parking). There are restrooms, picnic tables, and some beachfront access. Starting at the York Harbor Beach, I allowed myself enough time to walk the length of the path, take pictures, and crawl on the rocks leading down to the water. Once back at the trailhead, I decided to change into a bathing suit to enjoy the refreshing ocean water.

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The only downfall I found beside the sparseness of parking come summer, was the width of the trail. With many spots being only a few feet wide, it could see it being difficult to corral small children to make room for others on the trail. Furthermore, the entire trail is not covered by a guardrail, so be sure to watch your step. During the summer you can also cross Wiggly Bridge (the division between York River and Barrells Millpond) that leads out to Steedmans Woods. Imagine Winnie Pooh’s 100-acre wood meets Southern Maine.

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I am simply one of many visitors every year who absolutely loves the getaway the Cliff Walk affords. For the last five years, the Cliff Walk has been rated the #1 scenic path in York-Ogunquit, and Yankee Magazine listed it as a rival to the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island. This is one of my favorite quick trips, and an easy one to accomplish when you don’t have a lot of time. I typically grab lunch downtown before enjoying the trail, and I can’t imagine a better view to look out on!

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York Harbor Cliff Walk Address & Directions

York Harbor Cliff Walk, York, ME 0390

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