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Saco River

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Saco River

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One of my favorite outdoor activities is kayaking and one the best places in Maine to enjoy it is the Saco River. The 136-mile river starts at Mount Washington and flows through the White Mountains of New Hampshire through to Fryeburg and onto Saco. The river has lots of twists and turns which makes it a fun place to spend an afternoon canoeing, tubing, and white water rafting.

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Named by the Native Americans, Saco River translates into ‘flowing out’ and there is not a better spot in Maine to release all of your stress. If you are an adrenaline junkie you can enjoy high energy water sports, either on your own or as part of an organized group. If you are proficient in rough waters then take a trip to Walker’s Rip to enjoy high octane canoe rides and white water rafting.

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Saco is not all about sporting activities, it is also an area of tranquility where you can kick back and relax. The most popular stretch of the Saco River is at Swan’s Falls where you can find sandy river beaches and good picnic spots. If you don’t fancy eating al fresco there are nice places to eat in Conway and Fryeburg to fuel your energy for your day of activity.

While the amount of fish in the area has dwindled the area is popular with fishermen all year rounds it is a good place to head if you are looking for somewhere new to fish. Swimming is very popular, as you would have guessed, and there is truly nothing better on a warm summer’s day than to jump in this cold water river.

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Whatever you choose to do in the Saco River be sure to take a camera as the scenery is stunning and there is lots of wildlife to enjoy, which is especially great if you have children. If you fancy spending more than one day in the Saco River area there is a wonderful campsite nearby so you can make a full family trip out of your visit.

If a day of nature and outdoor activities is on the cards for you there is no better place in Saco to enjoy than on the jewel of New England’s crown, Saco River. The rivers are best enjoyed between April to October when most professional water sports companies operate for ultimate safety.

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Saco River Address & Directions

Saco River, Saco, Maine 04072

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