• Clifford Park

    Biddeford, Maine

Clifford Park

Not only a great place to see the fall colors, but also pleasant escape outside of the long shadows season, Clifford Park offers a range of short trails and natural space in the Biddeford area

With multiple trails across 140-acres with varying degrees of difficulty, Clifford Park brings back fond memories of being young and exploring the forest at the end of the street. Popular with travelers and locals alike, the range of trails and other facilities make it a fantastic year-round destination.

The park is free to enter and open year-round dawn till dusk. Clifford Park, on top of the variety of trails, features a free tennis court, playground for the kids, a basketball court, an area to grill, and a miniature skate park. There are restrooms, but they’re only open during the summer months only. Dogs are allowed in the park, but I find usually spot more wildlife without having a canine around. There are also events hosted by Friends of Clifford Park, so be sure to check them out to see what functions are happening

I didn’t think that you could find such diversity of short trails with different terrain in such a contained area, but Clifford Park is an excellent introduction to those looking to ease themselves into trail walking and hiking in Maine. The terrain is mostly made up of thick trees, rooty underground, and vast boulders. There is a thundering waterfall and a pond that you can find on two different trails, but for the sake of mystery, I’ll let you find them (Hint: The red trail)

Due to the way the trails are laid out, you can’t really get lost as I found each trail eventually loops back to the trailhead. The main loop trail that sweeps to the left from the trailhead is a very easy but long walk, with the interior tracks crisscrossing and twisting around the middle of the park offers a fresh different challenge. I found it very humorous when I stumbled across a trail I’d already traveled, proving that you can literally take the road less traveled. In the dead of winter, the frost and snow can make you think your in a Robert Frost poem (my favorite no less), and I personally needed sturdy boots to get through the icy roots at some points.

The only element that’s a little unpleasant is during the Spring after it rains, some of the trails turn to mud and the bugs are a bit aggressive – but it’s nothing that a good pair of boots and bug spray can’t handle. If you are passing through the area, don’t let that stop you from finding this little Biddeford secret

Shots from Clifford Park

Here are some of our favorites shots we got while exploring Clifford Park.

Where Is It?

You can get here from Pool Street turning off Parent Avenue in Biddeford with the park entryapprox one-quarter of a mile on the right. If you reach the Skating Rink, you have gone too far.

Clifford Park
Biddeford, Maine, 04005
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