• Jubilee Park

    Saco, Maine, United States

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is a small park covering ¾ acres in Saco, Maine. Unless you area aware of the park, you might not even notice this patch of nature in the city, accessible solely through a covered bridge from Water Street.

Not every bridge with a roof is a covered bridge, these type of bridges have a very unique timber structure meant to equally distribute their load. Apart from being very aesthetically pleasing, the roof is also meant to protect the timber from deterioration as well as keep it covered from the elements. The current roof is quite modern as it was replaced in 2010.

Being surrounded by the Saco River, the Jubilee park is often referred to as Jubilee Island. The Saco River has served a very important role in Saco City; in the past, Native Americans used the river’s natural resources and falls for fishing and hunting. The river was later used by merchants to move supplies between Saco and Biddeford.

The park is very well kept, with paved paths and picnic areas equipped with tables and benches. In 2019, Saco Mainstreet even participated in a grant contest in hope to win $25,000 to refurbish Jubilee island and Diamond Park and made it to the finalists round. Jubilee Park also has some very specific features too, such as small boxes attached to trees serving as animal houses for birds and bats and an outdoor chess board. The park is ideal for family oriented gatherings, especially in spring when flowers are in full bloom and ducks and birds stop to feed in the area. Jubilee park is accessible to guests with all abilities, and is only open during the day from spring to fall (closed in winter). Parking outside the park is limited, though there is typically a street spot near the entrance

While going out of ones way to visit Jubilee park is hardly necessary, it does present a wonderful, relaxing outdoor spot, overlooking the river when in Saco. Whether visiting in spring when nature is at its highest glory, or in fall when the park’s colors are simply sublime, Jubilee Park is a secluded breath of fresh air in Saco Maine.

Shots from Jubilee Park

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Where Is It?

Heading from I-95 from Biddleford, head south, taking exit 7 towards US-1/Me-91 and follow the signs for Yorks/The Berwicks. Turn Left to Spur Road and merge onto I-95 again exiting towards Alfred Street, from there drive to Water Street.

Jubilee Park
Saco, Maine, United States
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