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Lily Pond Park

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Found on Deer Island in Maine, Lily Pond park presents gorgeous wetlands, woodlands, and a beautiful lake with a nearby scenic trail. The pond has a 1.5-mile perimeter and is covered with lily pads giving the park and the pond a very fitting name. The lake is surrounded by acres of meadows and tall trees providing a peaceful atmosphere.

Lily Pond Park Loop, is a 1 km relatively busy trail, leading to the stunning lake bearing the same name. The trail is moderately easy and is appropriate for most activity levels. In summer both the park and the lake can get crowded, with visitors having picnics, and some even opting for a dip. The town has installed changing rooms to make swimming easier. In winter the landscape changes completely and the pond can be used for ice-skating. With 21 feet of depth, Lily Pond is home to fish particularly Trout and is also open for fishing. The pond can also be explored via canoes and kayaks, but access is not the easiest. Visitors may also choose to simply relax and sit on one of the benches around the pond while taking in the magnificent views. A parking lot is available near the entrance of the park. For visitors up for a challenge, a walk from deer run to the pond is also an option.

Lily Pond Beach was originally owned by Randy Haskell and his family, who sold the property to the Island Heritage Trust (IHT) at a reduced price to preserve its 6-acre landscape. The IHT was founded in 1987, with the aim to protect Deer Isle from development, since then the IHT has ensured the protection and preservation of the natural landscape of other surrounding islands too including the acres of land beyond Lily Pond Park.

Apart from its outstanding natural beauty, Lily Pond Park is also worth visiting for the myriad of activity possibilities it offers, be it hiking, swimming, fishing, ice-skating, or bird watching. If you happen to be traveling in the vicinity of deer isle, a quick drive to this park will not disappoint.

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Lily Pond Park Address & Directions

Lily Pond Park, Quaco Rd, Deer Isle, ME 04627

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