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Libby River Farm Preserve

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Libby River Farm Preserve: A Serene Escape in Scarborough

Nestled along the scenic Black Point Road next to Camp Ketcha, the Libby River Farm Preserve is a captivating destination that invites you to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Originally tended by the Larrabee family, who cultivated the land to supply the bustling city of Portland with essential food, the preserve has since become a cherished conservation area under the stewardship of the Scarborough Land Trust. Let’s delve deeper into the distinctive features and experiences that await you at this hidden gem.

Well-marked trail with photo opportunities and a cool viewing area. Great for family walks and dog-friendly outings.

The history of the Libby River Farm Preserve dates back to 1996 when the Scarborough Land Trust acquired 125 acres from the Larrabee family. Out of this, 50 acres were generously deeded to the State of Maine, becoming part of the renowned Scarborough Marsh. The remaining 75 acres were dedicated to the establishment of the Libby River Farm Preserve. This acquisition not only secured a precious slice of land for conservation but also paved the way for future efforts to protect and restore vital habitats.

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One of the highlights of the Libby River Farm Preserve is the observation deck, an impressive structure built in 2007 by the industrious efforts of Eagle Scout Bryant Shannon. Perched above the Libby River marsh, the observation deck offers breathtaking panoramic views that capture the essence of the preserve’s natural splendor. From this vantage point, you can witness the captivating dance of light and shadows across the marshland, observe the abundant birdlife, and admire the serenity of the Libby River as it winds its way through the landscape.

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Throughout the preserve, you’ll encounter an array of captivating natural features. Verdant ferns unfurl their delicate fronds, creating a lush carpet under the canopy of towering trees. The marshland, an integral part of Scarborough Marsh, reveals its ecological richness as it teems with diverse wetland plants and provides critical habitat for a myriad of wildlife species. Keep your senses attuned to the subtle melodies of birdsong and the rustling of leaves, for these ethereal sounds are the soundtrack of the preserve, serving as a gentle reminder of the harmonious coexistence of nature’s inhabitants.

The Libby River Farm Preserve is a sanctuary not only for wildlife but also for those seeking respite from the hectic pace of everyday life. It serves as a refuge where visitors can connect with the natural world, find solace in the serenity of the surroundings, and engage in a variety of outdoor activities throughout the seasons.

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In the warmer months, the preserve beckons hikers to explore its winding trails, embracing the opportunity to witness nature’s ever-changing tapestry. Capture the vibrant hues of wildflowers as they bloom in spring, revel in the soothing shade provided by the verdant canopy during summer, and savor the crispness in the air as autumn paints the landscape with a palette of fiery colors.

When winter blankets the preserve in a glistening layer of snow, a new world of possibilities emerges. Strap on your snowshoes or cross-country skis and venture forth, leaving behind a trail of footprints in the untouched canvas of white. The stillness of the woods, the crispness of the air, and the muffled silence create a captivating atmosphere that is truly magical.

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As you plan your visit, keep in mind that the Libby River Farm Preserve operates on a “leave no trace” ethos, emphasizing the importance of respecting and preserving the natural environment. It is crucial to follow this guiding principle to ensure the longevity of this cherished preserve and its ability to provide a sanctuary for both wildlife and visitors alike. On-leash dogs are welcome, but no bicycles are allowed.

In order to ensure the well-being and safety of both visitors and wildlife, the use of drones is strictly prohibited at the Libby River Farm Preserve. This policy aims to preserve the peaceful ambiance of the preserve and prevent any disturbances to the natural habitat.

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Bowhunting is permitted within the preserve, but only with explicit permission from the Scarborough Land Trust. To promote safety during hunting season, visitors are strongly encouraged to wear blaze orange, a highly visible color that helps distinguish hunters from other individuals in the area. It is important to note that hunting activities are not allowed on Sundays in the state of Maine, adhering to local regulations.

To protect the ecological integrity of the preserve and maintain a balanced ecosystem, any form of collecting, foraging, or commercial activity requires a permit from the Scarborough Land Trust. This policy applies to all visitors and serves as a means to safeguard the natural resources and prevent any detrimental impact on the preserve’s delicate ecosystems. The Scarborough Land Trust strictly enforces this requirement, and no exceptions are made.

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By adhering to these guidelines and regulations, visitors contribute to the preservation of the Libby River Farm Preserve and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy its beauty and serenity while respecting the needs of the wildlife that call it home.

Libby River Farm Preserve offers an immersive and enriching experience for nature enthusiasts of all ages. From its rich history and diverse trails to the captivating observation deck and abundant wildlife, this hidden gem beckons visitors to embrace the tranquility and wonder of the natural world. So, pack your sense of adventure and embark on a journey that promises to awaken your spirit and deepen your appreciation for the precious landscapes that surround us.

Libby River Farm Preserve Trail

The trail network within the Libby River Farm Preserve spans approximately 1.3 miles, offering a range of hiking opportunities suitable for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. While the trails may not rival the length and challenge of the famed Appalachian Trail, they still provide a delightful and immersive experience in nature’s embrace. As you venture along the well-marked paths, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of bird species that inhabit the area. With over 80 recorded bird species, this preserve is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

In honor of Lucy R. Sprague, a beloved member of the community and avid conservationist, the Lucy R. Sprague Memorial Trail was established within the preserve in 1999. This trail serves as a testament to her enduring commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area. Today, visitors can follow in her footsteps as they traverse this tranquil path, meandering through diverse landscapes that include open fields, enchanting woods, and thriving wetlands.

What’s Nearby Libby River Farm Preserve

The Libby River Farm Preserve is surrounded by several noteworthy locations that enhance the allure of the area. Just a stone’s throw away lies Prouts Neck, a picturesque peninsula renowned for its stunning coastal views. Nature enthusiasts will find themselves drawn to the Eastern Trail, a scenic multi-use trail that stretches for over 65 miles, offering opportunities for walking, biking, and birdwatching.

For a moment of reflection and remembrance, Memorial Park provides a serene atmosphere with its beautiful memorial monuments and peaceful surroundings. Crescent Beach State Park and Kettle Cove State Park are nearby, offering pristine sandy beaches, scenic trails, and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy. Two Lights State Park is another fantastic destination with its iconic twin lighthouses, rocky coastline, and panoramic ocean views.

For a tranquil forest experience, Sewell Woods is a hidden gem featuring nature trails that wind through a peaceful woodland setting. And if you’re seeking a refreshing natural attraction, Cascade Falls offers a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery.

Whether you seek natural beauty, historical significance, or recreational pursuits, these nearby locations complement the charm of the Libby River Farm Preserve and offer diverse experiences for visitors to enjoy.

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Libby River Farm Preserve Parking Information

To access the preserve, follow the directions from Route 1 in Scarborough, Maine. As you head east on the Black Point Road (Route 207), the picturesque journey takes you between two sections of salt marsh and over two bridges. The first bridge carries you over the Nonesuch River, while the second bridge spans the majestic Libby River. Keep your eyes peeled for a second section of salt marsh and a striking white farmhouse on the left side of the road, with condos on the right. Adjacent to the river, you’ll find the Libby River Farm Preserve, distinguished by a sign that marks the entrance. Turn left into the small dirt parking lot at 320 Black Point Road, just after passing Strawberry Fields Lane, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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Libby River Farm Preserve Address & Directions

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