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Kettle Cove State Park

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Kettle Cove State Park: Serene Coastal Beauty

Kettle Cove State Park is one of the numerous perfect examples of small, well-maintained, state-run trails and beaches that we’re so lucky to have effortlessly available to us here in Maine. What makes it stand out is the somehow private and secluded feel, making the ‘state park’ seem a bit contradictory.

Kettle Cove, adjacent to Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, is a smaller beach with its own parking lot. Keep expectations realistic—this is Maine, the water is cold! Enjoy the soft sand, cool breeze, and picturesque views of lobster boats in the cove.

There’s a decent sized parking lot as you pull up to Kettle Cove (though it can fill up quickly on a nice day), which is directly above the small sandy beaches and rocky area (AKA less stuff you have to lug to the beach – you can always just run to your vehicle quickly!). There is a small entrance fee; The pricing for the entrance fees is as follows: Adult Maine residents are charged $3.00, non-residents pay $4.00, and seniors (62 and older) are charged $1.00. These fees are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest pricing information before visiting the park. However, if you have an annual Maine State Park Pass you can enjoy free admission to Kettle Cove State Park and other state parks throughout the year. The annual pass provides a cost-effective option for frequent visitors and allows you to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of Maine’s parks at your leisure. There are no other facilities at Kettle Cove – but there are plenty of beaches to watch the waves crash.

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Even with others also exploring the beach, there’s something serene and peaceful about this spot – ideal for curling up with a book or wading through the waves looking for sea glass and sand dollars. Kettle Cove State Park isn’t full of big sandy beaches, wilderness hiking, or the rocky lighthouse shorelines that Maine is so famous for – instead, it’s a tiny piece of each of those elements – without having to drive far to find it.

Kettle Cove State Park is a true hidden gem that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, privacy, and coastal charm. With its scenic trails, convenient parking (although it can fill up quickly), and proximity to other state parks like Crescent Beach State Park and Two Lights State Park, it’s an ideal destination for a day of outdoor exploration. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful beach experience, a leisurely stroll along the trails, or breathtaking ocean views, Kettle Cove State Park provides it all. The somehow private and secluded feel of the park contradicts its status as a state park, making it an even more special destination.

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Kettle Cove State Park Trail

One of the highlights of Kettle Cove State Park is the scenic trail network that awaits exploration. While the park may be small in size, it offers a variety of gentle trails that wind through the coastal landscape, providing visitors with stunning ocean views and glimpses of the surrounding natural beauty. The main trail within the park is a 2.8 mile loop trail near Cape Elizabeth, Maine. This trail is generally considered an easy route with a modest elevation gain of 65 feet. The trail is perfect for leisurely walks, birdwatching, and immersing oneself in nature. However, it’s important to note that dogs are not allowed on this trail, so you’ll need to leave your furry friends at home. One of the advantages of this trail is that it’s less crowded, providing a serene and peaceful experience for hikers. So, lace up your hiking boots and get ready to enjoy the natural beauty of Kettle Cove State Park on this 2.8 mile loop trail.

What’s Nearby Kettle Cove State Park

Kettle Cove State Park’s location provides easy access to several other attractions in the area. Crescent Beach State Park, with its mile-long sandy beach, is a short distance away, offering opportunities for beach walks and picnics. Two Lights State Park provides stunning views of Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean from its rocky headlands. The iconic Portland Headlight, a historic lighthouse, is a nearby must-see attraction. Nature enthusiasts can explore the serene trails at the Libby River Farm Preserve. For a different beach experience, Higgins Beach in Scarborough is also within reach. With these nearby locations, visitors to Kettle Cove State Park can enjoy a diverse range of coastal experiences and iconic landmarks.

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Kettle Cove State Park Parking Information

When it comes to parking, the parking lot at Kettle Cove can fill up quickly, especially on nice weather days and during peak summer months. It’s advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. However, even if the lot is full, there are alternative options nearby. Visitors can consider parking at Crescent Beach State Park, which is directly adjacent to Kettle Cove. From there, it’s just a short and enjoyable walk to reach Kettle Cove. Additionally, if you choose to explore Kettle Cove during the offseason, parking is usually more readily available.

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Kettle Cove State Park Photos

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Kettle Cove State Park Address & Directions

Kettle Cove State Park, Kettle Cove Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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