• Starved Rock State Park

    Oglesby, Illinois

Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park welcomes millions of tourists every year. The breathtaking canyons and trails make it ideal for exploring for a day, or camping at the nearby campground and making a whole trip out of it.

Home to 18 canyons, Starved Rock State Park boasts stunning hiking trails, dramatic waterfalls, and vertical moss-covered stone formed by glacial meltwater. It’s unique beauty formed alongside its 8000 years if history makes it one of Illinois’ most prized destinations.

Located 5 miles north-east of Oglesby and open every day from 9 am to 4 pm, the park offers ideal conditions for walking, hiking, and horseback riding, as well as fishing and boating on the Illinois River. Due to hazardous trail conditions, the park’s nature preserve may be closed several weeks during winter, as well as on major holidays. Admission and parking are completely free, so you can come here on a budget or with a larger group. The park also host seasonal events throughout different seasons, which you can find here.

With over 13 miles of trails, you will be accompanied by oak, cedar and pine trees, while the natural springs, sandstone overhangs, and waterfalls are home to lush vegetation and abundant wildlife. Because of the waterfalls, springs and Illinois River, the trails can often be slippery because of growing algae or sandstone, so make sure to have some good shoes on, and be extra careful if you bring along the kiddos. I’d highly recommend the Illinois Canyon Trail, which is just a short 0.9-mile hike – though I will warn you that it was one of the muddiest trails I’ve ever been on when we visited in the summer, so be prepared to get dirty when you head out; With the mud comes bugs – so be sure to bring the bug spray as well.

Starved Rock State Park is, with reason, voted the #1 Attraction in the State of Illinois. Walking through the untouched natural trails, you will be amazed by the spectacular untouched nature the park is home to. This unique nature, combined with modern comfort, is what draws people to the park again and again.

Shots from Starved Rock State Park

Here are some of our favorites shots we got while exploring Starved Rock State Park.

Where Is It?

Head west on I-80, take the Utica/Route 178 exit, drive south for about three miles, and follow the signs into the park.

Starved Rock State Park
East 875th Road, Oglesby, Illinois, USA
(Plus Code: 8XCX+FW North Utica, IL, USA)

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