• Fishing Rock

    Depoe Bay, Oregon

Fishing Rock

Concealed behind tall pine trees and thick bushes, The Fishing Rock is a hidden gem and a popular fishing spot. Unless you’re actively looking for the area, you would never figure out that following the obscure path through the dark arched entrance in Fogart Avenue near Depoe Bay, would lead to this gorgeous location. Which, regardless of being concealed behind the small park is still a fairly frequented spot.

A 0.8km trail will take you through thick foliage, slightly reminiscent of Disney’s enchanted forest scene in Snow White. An opening in the park offers the first glimpse of the waters, with the incoming waves colliding into the basalt cliffs. The Trail offers different scenery from small woodlands, to large boulders, and grassland with great views of the sea. While there are a number of side paths that you might be tempted to take, these often lead to nowhere, so you’ll just have to find your way back to the original path.

Following the trail, will lead you to the beach at the north of Depoe Bay harbor, where Gray whales often reside between March and December. Basalt rock forms an inlet bay and sticking out of the Pacific Ocean like a sore thumb, is The Fishing Rock, holding its own against the waves. Of course with such a name it comes to no surprise that the spot is popular among fishing enthusiasts.

Unfortunately this is an in and out trail and the only way out is to backtrack where you came from. Other than free parking, the park has none of the usual facilities such as tables, restrooms and water. In conclusion the trail leading to Fishing Rock is a rather short one and there are much larger parks with a wider offering in the area. Having said this, the trail to the beach is very scenic and diverse taking you from woodlands, to meadows to typical Oregon coast seas views.

Shots from Fishing Rock

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Where Is It?

If you’re coming from Highway 101, follow the highway to Lincoln Country, and take a left to Fogarty Avenue in Lincoln Beach. Park in the free car park and walk to the beginning of the trail.

Fishing Rock
3330 Fogarty Ave, Depoe Bay, OR 97341, United States
(Plus Code: RXV2+H5 Depoe Bay, Oregon, United States)

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