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Blue Hills Reservation

Blue Hills Reservation - Roots

Just minutes from Boston, Blue Hills Reservation enjoys 7000 acres of beautiful terrain with breathtaking views of the city. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Blue Hills to hike the 22 hills, swim in the pond recreation area, and explore the local wildlife of this special place in Milton.

Blue Hills enjoys large swathes of unspoiled land where wildlife and nature lovers come together to enjoy the rich Massachusetts land that is steeped in history. Taking its name from the blue hue of the slopes that adorn the reservation, you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and skiing in one of the prettiest destinations in the state.

Stretching from Quincy to Dedham, Blue Hills Reservation contains numerous archaeological and historic resources making it a great place to take the children to explore the local culture. In addition to the reservation’s historical importance, it is a highlight of any nature lovers’ calendar. A place to get your adrenalin going if the mood takes or you can simply enjoy a family picnic while surrounded by a green oasis.

Blue Hills Reservation - Hills Overview

You can participate in almost any outdoor activity at Blue Hills, with everything from kayaking, swimming, skiing, rock climbing, and golfing. Horseback riding and mountain biking are particularly popular activities as there is a good mixture of terrain. There are paved paths for those wishing to enjoy a more relaxing walk, most of which are suitable for wheelchairs and prams.

Dogs are welcome at Blue Hills but they must be kept on a lead. If you are wanting to go boating, boats are only permitted on Ponkapoag Pond, Canton. you can enjoy the reservation from dawn to dusk.

Blue Hills Reservation - Stone Building

Blue Hills is blessed with excellent facilities with restrooms and picnic areas situated throughout the reservation. There is a museum and an information center as well as an observatory and pavilion. If you fancy making a full day of it, there are athletic fields where you can enjoy a variety of sports in the great outdoors.

If you fancy a more active day out you can take an 8-mile walk or run around the mouth of Merrimack River. The views around this trail are stunning especially when you look out over Crane Beach and Castle Hill, and Little Neck, also in Ipswich.

For an action-packed family weekend or day of adrenaline-seeking fun, there are lots on offer at Blue Hills Mountains. The next time you are feeling the strain of city living, put on your walking shoes, pick up your camera, and head to the rocky summits of Blue Hills and breathe in the essence of Massachusetts at its natural best.

Shots from Blue Hills Reservation

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Where Is It?

If traveling by public transport you can take the 240 bus from Boston. There is a large parking lot at Houghton’s Pond

Blue Hills Reservation
695 Hillside St, Milton, MA 02186
(Plus Code: 6W8J+9X Milton, Massachusetts)

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