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January 2020

Valley of Fire State Park

January 20th, 2020|Tags: , |

The Valley Fire State Park is world renowned for its recognizable stretches of red sandstone formations. The massive Aztec rocks, concealing thousands of years of history, have become a playground for trekkers and climbers alike, with more than 11 trails to follow. Its only downfall is that it can get super busy, so if you're looking for some personal space, you will need to move away from the main attractions.

June 2019

Bighorn National Forest

June 22nd, 2019|Tags: |

Over one million acres of forest puts the ‘big’ in Bighorn National Forest, a destination so vast, diverse and teeming with wildlife that it would take a lifetime to see it all. And with 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of the track to walk down crossing mountains, deep forest and alpine streams, you better get started.

Niagara Falls State Park

June 14th, 2019|Tags: , , , |

Niagara Falls State Park, featuring some of the most famous falls in the world, offers so much more than just that. There are so many different ways to experience Niagara Falls, all of which all give you a fresh perspective, as well as extensive walking trails and a tranquil nature atmosphere with astounding views and rich history.

May 2019

Deer Island

May 07th, 2019|Tags: , , |

Boasting 5 miles of public walkways, Deer Island can be enjoyed all year round and is the perfect day out for walking, bicycling, fishing, and nature enthusiasts. With dramatic views of the Boston skyline, you will never tire of visiting this unique, history-soaked island.

April 2019

Blue Hills Reservation

April 03rd, 2019|Tags: , |

Blue Hills enjoys large swathes of unspoiled land where wildlife and nature lovers come together to enjoy the rich Massachusetts land that is steeped in history. Taking its name from the blue hue of the slopes that adorn the reservation, you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and skiing in one of the prettiest destinations in the state.

March 2019

Clifford Park

March 31st, 2019|Tags: , , |

With multiple trails across 140-acres with varying degrees of difficulty, Clifford Park brings back fond memories of being young and exploring the forest at the end of the street. Popular with travelers and locals alike, the range of trails and other facilities make it a fantastic year-round destination.

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December 2018

Douglas Mountain

December 20th, 2018|Tags: , |

Meandering through the evergreen lined winding roads of Southern Maine brings you to the base of the wooden dreamscape of Douglas Mountain. Small earthen packed trails, babbling brooks, quaint wooden bridges and of course, a nearly 150-year-old lookout tower make Douglas Mountain the perfect hike.

Saco River

December 20th, 2018|Tags: |

For a memorable day out in North Eastern Maine head to the majestic waterway that is Saco River. The river provides ideal conditions for canoeing, kayaking, and tubing or you can simply breathe in the amazing views from a spot on the riverbank.

CMBG – Gardens Aglow

December 13th, 2018|Tags: , |

Gardens Aglow is a pinnacle evening event put on by the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in partnership with the Boothbay Harbor Festival of Lights. It provides a dazzling opportunity to dive into the creative minds of renowned landscape architects in a brilliant display of light for the holiday season.

Nubble Lighthouse

December 10th, 2018|Tags: , |

The Nubble Lighthouse brings all the beauty of the Maine coastline into a scenic stop less than a half hour from the border of New Hampshire. I found myself in a childlike trance trekking the rocky cliffs and tidal pools - of course with my camera in hand.

York Cliff Walk

December 10th, 2018|Tags: , , |

Nestled alongside the main drag in York Harbor, York Cliff Walk is a mile-long walk starting at the York Harbor Beach and ending on Millbury Lane. The York Cliff Walk gives us that much-needed sight and the salty smell of the North Atlantic ocean greeting the dominating granite cliffs of Maine.

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August 2018

Fort Popham

August 18th, 2018|Tags: , , , |

Like a mother awaiting her sons return from sea, Fort Popham stands quietly guarding the entrance to shipbuilder’s most important city; Bath. Thirty-foot solid granite walls encompass the 36-gun emplaced fort on this small spirt of land. Explore the sweeping sandy beaches, granite cliffs and tidal pools at this strategic location on the coast of Southern Maine.

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May 2017

Fortunes Rocks Beach

May 14th, 2017|Tags: , |

Fortunes Rocks Beach is quintessential; there are no perfect words that can aptly describe the picturesque views of the sun at dusk and dawn, the crashing waves plus spectacular stretch of sand - contrasting with rocks - jutting out of the water not so far from the shore: simply magnificent.