Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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A 60 foot waterfall, a twisty river, tall cliffs with wonderful rock formations covered in moss and a touristic train excursion are just few of the attractions Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio has to offer. The park also provides countless trails for visitors to follow all leading to breathtaking scenic views of nature and wild life.

Yellowstone National Park

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Reminiscent of an outer-space photo of earth, views of the the green, blue and orangery hues of the hot springs surfaces and the steamy bubbling of geysers are simply breathtaking. Yellowstone National Park offers endless attractions to explore, including a walk around the Norris Geyser Basin, a tour of Yellowstone Lake, or a relaxing hike at Mammoth Hot Spring.

Wind Caves National Park

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Presenting one of the longest cave systems in the world, Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota is a geological treasure, leading to narrow paths and darkened large rooms with naturally formed rock formation. The park also offers acres of tranquil nature of prairies, forests and hills making the park attractive to anyone in the area.

Fort Popham

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Like a mother awaiting her sons return from sea, Fort Popham stands quietly guarding the entrance to shipbuilder’s most important city; Bath. Thirty-foot solid granite walls encompass the 36-gun emplaced fort on this small spirt of land. Explore the sweeping sandy beaches, granite cliffs and tidal pools at this strategic location on the coast of Southern Maine.

Acadia National Park

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Open all year round, Acadia National Park in Maine offers stunning viewpoints and nature making it an all round holiday location. It strikes the perfect balance between a touristic resort location and a remarkable peaceful outdoor nature experience perfect for hiking with extraordinary areas like Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain, and the Schoodic Peninsula to explore.