Fishing Rock

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A small rock formation in the Pacific Ocean, The Fishing Rock in Depoe Bay is hidden behind a small forest, protected by the Oregon coastal cliffs. The trail leading to The Rock and the nearby secluded bay is a stunning one, taking you under a green tunnel of pine trees and bushes. Even though it is a well known spot among hikers its location is still attractive for birds and Gray whales to make it their temporary home.

Indiana Dunes National Park

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With views of Lake Michigan, home to diverse nature, wild life and unique ever-changing sand-dunes, Indiana Dunes National Park is a must visit when in Michigan, Indiana. Offering a wide range of activities including, hiking, kayaking, skiing, horse riding, swimming this visually compelling park will definitely leave a good impression all year round.

York Cliff Walk

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Nestled alongside the main drag in York Harbor, York Cliff Walk is a mile-long walk starting at the York Harbor Beach and ending on Millbury Lane. The York Cliff Walk gives us that much-needed sight and the salty smell of the North Atlantic ocean greeting the dominating granite cliffs of Maine.

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