• Sandy Point State Reservation

    Ipswich, Massachusetts

Sandy Point State Reservation

Sandy Point State Park - Beach

Sandy beaches and idyllic swimming spots make this 77-acre state reservation one of the most popular attractions in Massachusetts. A known fishing and deer hunting spot, Sandy Point is open all year round and there are activities to enjoy during every season.

If long days at the beach followed by a gentle walk through one of Mother Nature’s highlights sounds like a dream day then Sandy Point Reservation is the perfect day trip. Off the beaten track, this stunning area of Massachusetts will blow away the cobwebs and leave you feeling refreshed.

If you are lucky you can spot seals but you should take care not to approach or scare them. You will definitely see a wide array of wildlife and birds, which makes Sandy Point a hotspot for animal and nature lovers.

Sandy Point State Park - Water

A visit to Sandy Point means enjoying a 5 mile protected stretch of pristine white sand beach that is always clean and never too crowded, which is always a bonus. Alcohol and dogs are forbidden so it is super safe for children. If you are visiting with children during the heat of the summer make sure you bring an umbrella as there is not a lot of shade on the main beach.

There are free restrooms but no other facilities. You can pick up some great lobsters on the Plum Island Turnpike via the main route into the reservation. The picturesque town of Ipswich itself is worth a visit, especially when the local Orchards are in full bloom.

If you fancy a more active day out you can take an 8-mile walk or run around the mouth of Merrimack River. The views around this trail are stunning especially when you look out over Crane Beach and Castle Hill, and Little Neck, also in Ipswich.

Sandy Point State Park - Flower

One of New England’s hidden gems, Sandy Point enjoys stunning ocean views, relaxing walking trails, and safe swimming spots, all of which make it one of our favorite family days out in Massachusetts.

Shots from Sandy Point State Reservation

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Where Is It?

You can find Sandy Point by driving through Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and it is approximately 6 miles from Refuge Gate. It is important to notes that some areas of the road have a lot of potholes and it can be a little bit of a bumpy ride. There is a free car park that caters for 50 cars and once it is full gates are closed. You can get a bus if you are visiting during peak season.

Sandy Point State Reservation
Parker River Wildlife, Refuge Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938
(Plus Code: P63C+P6 Ipswich, MA)

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