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Red Rock Park

Red Rock Park - Park

Just 20 minutes north of Boston, Red Rock Park is the perfect destination if you want to escape the bright city lights. The park consists of an easy 5-mile trail that is suitable for all abilities.

Red Rock’s historic waterfront enjoys views of the Atlantic that are difficult to top. The local wildlife loves the area as much as us humans and the colorful array of marine animals and plants that fill the tide pools at Red Rock are reason along to visit this pretty part of Massachusetts.

The park is very spacious and has a good walking and jogging path that is suitable for those who are disabled. It is not unusual to see children and families playing ball games on the ample playing fields and there is always a yummy picnic on the go.

Red Rock Park - Waterfront

During the summer months, Red Rock is home to music concerts and theatre shows which is such a cool way to utilize the area. You can visit this popular tourist attraction all year round and it is particularly fun during winter when you can see the incredible waves creating around the rocks.

Dogs are very much welcome at Red Rock and as it is so spacious you will often see puppies being trained on the field. There is no restroom or other facilities so be sure to pick up food and take a rest break on your way to the park. There is also no lifeguard in the park or along nearby Long Beach so do take care in turbulent weather.

Red Rock Park - Rail

Red Rock is my go-to place when I want to enjoy panoramic sunsets or take a nice evening stroll after a busy day at work. With something for all of the family and just a short drive out from the city, there is no excuse for not visiting one of the highlights go Massachusetts.

Whether you want to hang out with your friends or take a solo stroll to let off some steam, Red Rock is an invigorating place that is good for the soul.

Where Is It?

You can find Red Rock Park on Lynn Shore Dr & Prescott Rd, just 20 minutes from Boston. Parking is metered but is limited so you may need to find a space on one the side streets.

Red Rock Park
Lynn Shore Dr, Lynn, MA 01902
(Plus Code: F36C+JV Lynn, Massachusetts)

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