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Quincy Quarries Reservation

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Quincy Quarries Reservation

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The Quincy Quarries Reservation; otherwise known as a birthplace for one of the first industrial railroads in North America, the Granite Railway. This site was originally used as a source for gathering granite, although the quarry itself was shut down some 50-odd years ago. Nowadays, the quarry has been filled with excess dirt from proximate tunnel construction and has been popularized as a rock climbing site.

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Quincy Quarries Reservation is open from about dawn ‘til dusk, (approx. 6am to 7pm), so use your best discretion with when you should leave. The area features free parking (with multiple sites) and some picnic areas, but be careful about possible glass and trash that can be found on the ground here.

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For the avid hikers out there, the Quincy Quarries have no shortage of places to walk around and climb. Climbers have multiple options for climbing, and the Quincy Quarries are regarded as one of the most popular locations for climbing in the Boston area. One of the key aspects of the reservations for climbers are the cliffs overlooking the water. While there are indeed cliffs for the more ambitious climbers, there are still plenty of places you can get to with a slightly more “casual” approach to the slopes. With the amount of hills, cliffs, and overall heights for you to reach, the views of Boston and the nearby areas are in high supply. We recommend going to Quincy Quarries if you’re looking for a place to chill out, hike a little, and enjoy taking in the overlooking scenery!

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Beyond the natural aspect of the quarries, the amount of graffiti is awe-inducing. There are so many different styles of graffiti, that the quarry has become a jungle of modern street art. Pieces vary from wholesome statements of support to images of cartoon characters, as well as your more traditional style of graffiti. If you’re planning on bringing little ones with you, just be advised that there are some displays of ‘colorful’ language (if you catch my drift).

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Quincy Quarries Reservation Address & Directions

Quincy Quarries Reservation, Ricciuti Dr, Quincy, MA 02169

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