• Oregon Botanical Garden

    Silverton, Oregon

Oregon Botanical Garden

Twenty different gardens, each with their own theme and specialty, make up the award winning Oregon Botanical Garden in Silverton. With beautiful flower, plant and tree arrangements, decorated bridges and water features like ponds and fountains this garden is a paradise for botanical enthusiasts.

The Rose Garden takes “stop and smell the roses” to a whole new level with 40 different species of roses, filling the air with a warming scent. The four ponds at The Bosque reflecting the surrounding scenery is another remarkable sight, especially in the fall. The Rose Petal Fountain projecting water up to 30 feet high, the shaded Rediscovery Forest, the humid Topical House, the Medical Garden and the Bee Apiary all make your visit worth while.

The Botanical Garden seeks ways to give back to society, the Sensory Garden extends nature to physically challenged individuals through a heightened sensory experience. While the Silverton Market Garden grows agricultural produce which is later donated to families in need. An other important value is sustainability. A case in point the Water Garden and the Wetlands use treated recycled waste water to provide life to flora and wildlife. To guests with green fingers, the Home Demonstration Garden offers tips on how to improve and landscape your green areas at home as well as create your own compost.

If you stumble upon a sandpit with bones jutting out, relax you are not on a crime scene but you have reached the Children’s Garden. With a tree house and a hobbit house, this garden ticks all the boxes to keep children entertained. You can stop at the Train Garden, where a scaled down replica of the South Pacific train that ran through the neighboring valley in the seventies follows a 120 feet track.

The Botanical garden has two seasons with different opening times and rates. Between March and October opening hours are 10am to 4pm and admission is at $12 per adult, while between November and February closure is an hour earlier and tickets $4 cheaper. Discounts are offered to children, elderly and veterans. The garden also has cafe facilities, an informational tram tour, a visitor center and a retail nursery.

Oregon Botanical Garden in Silverton is a definite must visit, it comes to no surprise that this spectacular location it is often rented out for weddings, proposals and photography. The garden is a very well planned project creating an environment everyone can enjoy.

Shots from Oregon Botanical Garden

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Where Is It?

There are two directions to reach the gardens, Traveling North from Eugene or South from Portland. Heading from the north, you can take the Keizer/Chemawa and exit 260. turn right to head east to Silverton, and stay straight at the crossroad where Chemawa becomes Hazel green road, keep on going straight until the 2nd intersection where you need to turn right to Howell Prairie Road, following by a left onto Silverton Road. At the traffic lights turn onto Westfield street and finally turn right to Cascade Highway.

Coming from Portland area, exit I-5, through the Brooks Exit, head east towards Silverton. Then turn right onto Hwy 99E and left to onto Hazelgreen Road. From then on follow the same path as that of the north.

Oregon Botanical Garden
879 W Main St, Silverton, OR 97381, United States
(Plus Code: X6V5+W4 Silverton, Oregon, United States)

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