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Fortunes Rocks Beach

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Fortunes Rocks Beach

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Situated in a secluded location this beguiling 2-mile beach is quiet, calm, clean and scenic- perfect ingredients for a laid back afternoon where you can unwind, take a walk along the shores or simply make a collection of sea glass. When I’m looking for a restful beach day away from the masses, then I head towards Fortunes Rocks Beach, an indefectible destination in Southern Maine.

Fortunes Rocks Beach Yellow Grass On A Beach 1600
Fortunes Rocks Beach Yellow Grass On A Beach 1600

Open from 8a-5p from June 15th to Labor day, this can be a difficult and pricey location to visit (although well worth it). The parking is extremely scanty in the summer; you must have a permit to park anywhere near the beach. 1-7 day parking permits can be purchased at the kiosks by the beach, or both residents of Biddeford and non-residents can buy season passes online or from the Biddeford City Clerk at City Hall, – which is downtown and about a 15-minutes’ drive from the beach. I’d suggest checking it out off-season or after 5pm to skip the parking fees.

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This roomy, sandy, and pebble-engulfed beach offers tons of awesome recreational activities – bodyboarding, skimboarding, surf kayaking, and swimming, plus a broad area for jogging, walking, or simply sitting lazily on the sand. It’s a fantastic place for the whole family, as the tides are strong enough for avid surfers to have some mad fun – and at the same time, gentle for the little kids to swim at the shores. I’d suggest getting a burn permit to have a campfire at the beach in the fire rings that are available (is there anything better than s’mores on a summer evening while sitting on the beach?)

Fortunes Rocks Beach Reflective Beach 1600
Fortunes Rocks Beach Reflective Beach 1600

The only downsides of Fortunes Rocks Beach are the amenities are pretty scarce here, though there are portapotties available during the summer season – but use at your own risk. It also might be difficult for someone with limited mobility to make it down to the beach, as you have to climb down a few steps to get to the sand. I’d also suggest checking the tide table before heading out, as there can be limited sandy area during high tide. However, it’s a great beach regardless of conditions; there are decent waves for surfing and wave-jumping at high tide, and you can take a blissful long walk at low tide. Fortunes Rocks Beach is truly a hub of tranquility, especially because it never gets too crowded (even in summer).

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Fortunes Rocks Beach Address & Directions

Fortunes Rocks Beach, Biddeford, Maine, 04005

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