• Buffalo Bill State Park

    Cody, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill State Park

A stopover point on your journey across Wyoming towards Yellow Stone National Park, this ‘state park’ is very much in its infancy and lacking many of the more exciting features you might find elsewhere.

Buffalo Bill State Park offers a place for a cool dip for wary travelers and an easy selection of campgrounds for those needing a place to rest. But don’t go out of your way to get here, as this state park is more of a lookout for the nearby Buffalo Bill dam than anything else.

The park entry is $9 per day and $16 per night in summer months, dropping to $6 per day and $11 per night in winter. Watch out, as some of the campgrounds and car parks are closed off in winter and there are no water facilities in the cold months.

Buffalo Bill state park is very much in re-development with many of its older facilities now under the dams waterline thanks to the hydro-project expansion. There are a few promised future attractions still being built to turn it into a worthy stop, such as more campgrounds and walking trails. However, at the moment it really is only a campground, lake for swimming and a rest stop for those heading to the nearby Buffalo Bill dam. The dam itself is worth having a peek at, but I would not plan more than an hour or two here.

There is only one trail here so far called Eagle Point Trail. It heads up the steep slope behind the highway to the top of sheep mountain, giving you an excellent birdseye view over the dam.

If you are looking to stay the night, there are two campgrounds located near the car park, North Folk and North Shore. The star gazing is reportedly very good here with very few city lights and I’m sure that you would essentially have it all to yourself.

Shots from Buffalo Bill State Park

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Where Is It?

To get here, simply exit Highway 16 on your way to Yellow Stone when you are driving alongside the lake, or if you are leaving Yellowstone, the exit is just before Cedar Mountain.

Buffalo Bill State Park
4192 N Fork Hwy, Cody, WY 82414, United States
(Plus Code: GQ34+57 Cody, Wyoming, United States)

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