• East Point Sanctuary

    Biddeford, Maine

East Point Sanctuary

“What do they long for, as I long for one salt smell of the sea once more?”
― Edna St. Vincent Millay, from Inland
Beautiful beach house visible from East Point Sanctuary.

Just past the upscale seaside neighborhood of Biddeford Pool (called Maine’s Coast Most Beautiful Beach), there’s a modest little Sanctuary, hidden behind the lush greens of the Abenakee Golf Club. Almost like walking into a secret garden, this little trail is completely secluded, and has one of the most panoramic views of the Maine coastline that exist.

East Point Sanctuary is a charming little seaside walk, abutting the riotous melody of the Atlantic as it crashes along the boulders, persuading visitors down from the trail.

Although free, the biggest boundary of this location is parking. Prestigious and esoteric, the residents of Biddeford Pool have the perfect set up: exceptional views, friendly neighbors, and private beaches – and they’d like to keep it that way. There are a few (maybe 6) roadside spots near the entrance – and that’s it; A permit must be obtained before parking in any other area near the beach. Well worth the wait (or any hassle with parking), follow the trail leading back from the native greenery-lined entrance to it’s magnificent views, lighthouse included. It’s the ideal location for bird watching, curling up with a book on the rocks, or taking a brisk morning stroll.
Macro shot of the colorful shoreline at East Point Sanctuary.

For the slightly more adventurous, there’s plenty of rocky coast and tide pools to find all sorts of treasure. The 2.14 mile Ski Loop Trail (off Todd Point Road in the park) which wraps into the northern part of the park, and around a marsh and bog (look out for Great Blue Herons!) is groomed all year, so it’s also perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing once we need to start bundling up again! Little River Trail (1.4 miles, also off Todd Point Road) runs parallel along Little River, another great chance to spot some wildlife. Really the only negative is that mosquitoes can be quite nasty here – I’d suggest a good bug spray!

Lookout to Biddeford Pool Neighborhood from East Point Sanctuary,

Though the rocky coastline makes it a little too dangerous to swim, there is a small sandy area to dip your toes in – or, if you’re like me, a perfect place to sit on a rocky ledge and watch the waves crash endlessly. If you look carefully, you can see the Wood Island Lighthouse off the coast (and if you look extra carefully, you might even spot the rumored ghosts of Wood Island). East Point Sanctuary is one of those great little hidden places with such a perfect coastline view that makes you just want to keep coming back (which I certainly will be).

Shots from East Point

Here are some of our favorites shots we got while exploring East Point Sanctuary.

Where Is It?

Follow Route 208 into Biddeford Pool, and take a right onto L.B. Orcutt Blvd. The entrance is off to the left of where L.B. Orcutt Blvd and Ocean Ave meet. Parking is on the left side of the road before the entrance.

East Point Sanctuary
Biddeford, ME 04005
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